I have entitled the series “Land.” But most of the pictures depict people instead of landscapes. That’s because for me, these people are the essence of the land. They are struggling to survive on harsh but bountiful land. At the moment that these two forces meet, the land stirs and people begin to sparkle. Such is the beauty of the land: the expressions on people’s faces; their arms and legs, supple like whips; their nonchalant gestures and movements. At these moments, I feel that these people exist as part of the land.

Most of the photos on this site were taken during my 1,021-day journey across 103 countries and territories beginning in March 2010.My nearly 3 years of traveling to capture the land involved hauling along my small, personal belongings, as well as my camera and lenses. Travelling via local bus, crowded train, canoe, hitchhiking, horseback, and on my feet, I literally crawled my way across the land for 1021 days. But it was precisely these varied means of transportation that led me to places where I was able to encounter countless beautiful moments. And the “land” I finally reached revealed pain, loneliness, odour, and touch, as well as great joy.

It’s a vast world—far more expansive than we think, and much deeper than we assume. The vastness is the land; the depth is people’s hearts. That is the most important thing I learned from my long journey. It is my hope that the “Land” photos will enable viewers to sense the vastness of the world and the depth of people’s hearts.


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